May 24, 2021
Updated Mask policy at TROT
Written By: Jeff Copfer

TROT has updated its policy regarding mandatory mask wear while on TROT property to align with updated CDC guidelines regarding vaccinated persons (May 2021). We reserve our right to modify this policy based on future federal, state or local guidance.

The safety of TROT employees, volunteers, and participants remains our top priority. To ensure everyone who works, volunteers, and participates in TROT activities is as safe as possible and to continue our part in reducing the spread of COVID-19, we are implementing the following policy, effective May 24th, 2021:

All persons who enter TROT property who have been fully vaccinated are no longer required to wear a mask. We reserve our right to ask for proof of vaccination and to ask any non-vaccinated persons, or persons unable to provide proof of COVID vaccination upon request, to mask-up until they depart the property.

For those participating in either the Therapeutic Riding program or EFP:  The participants (or their guardians) who request their support staff remain masked while side walking or horse handling regardless of vaccination status will have this request honored without question.

Please continue to practice social distancing when practicable.  

We appreciate your support and understanding in this regard. Any questions, please call or email Executive Director Jeff Copfer at 749-2364 x601 jcopfer@trotarizona.org

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